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BLOCS Scholarships

This year our school has received scholarship funds through the BLOCS (Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools) Program. Families meeting the income eligibility guidelines are encouraged to apply. Applications and requirements regarding this program can be found at www.BLOCS.org


Additional Tuition Assistance Programs:





The Foundation for Catholic Education in Chester County


If you own a business, your company can receive tax credits while supporting Catholic education at PJPII. Find out more by reading the EITC Brochure.


Pope John Paul II RCES strives to provide a quality, Catholic education that is affordable
for all families. Below are the fees for the 2016-2017 school year. Many options are available for families who want to be a part of our school community. Please call Mrs. Janet Tutin, Business Manager at 610.384.5961 X5404/option 1 for more information.

Tuition for the 2016-2017 School Year


(K through 8)

 1 Child

 $4,100.00  $341.67  $2,050.00     $1025.00
 2 Children

 $6,875.00  $572.92  $3,473.50  $1,718.75
 3 Children

 $8,900.00  $741.67  $4,450.00  $2,225.00
 4 or More Children

 $9,875.00  $822.92  $4,937.50  $2,468.75
      Non Parishioner 
      (K through 8)
 1 Child

 $4,950.00  $412.50  $2,475.00 $1,237.50
 2 Children

 $9,900.00  $825.00  $4,950.00  $2475.00
 3 Children

 $14,750.00  $1,229.17  $7375.00  $3687.50
 4 Children

 $19,550.00  $1,629.17  $9775.00  $4887.50
 PreK- Full Day Existing Family/Sibling  $4,100.00  $341.67  $2,050.00    $1025.00 
 PreK - Full Day New Families   $4,600.00  $383.33 $2,300.00    $1,150.00
 PreK - Half Day $3700.00 $308.33 $1850.00 $925.00

Note: The PreK program must be self supporting. The school receives no subsidy for the PreK. There is no multiple student or sibling discount for students in the PreK program. 

 Payments and Fees

Tuition must be paid in full by April 15th for the current academic year. The first payment is non-refundable and is payable to SmartTuition by:  June 15th for those on quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment schedule or May 15th for those on monthly payment schedule. The June 15th payment will include the following fees: Grade Specific Stationery Fee, Math/Language Fee (K - 8 only) of $30 per student/$60 family max., $20 Home & School Dues and Graduation Fees if applicable. Three monthly payments must be made by August 15th to attend school in September. The Registration Fee, due at registration, does not go towards the tuition balance.

All tuition payments are made through SmartTuition.